This is an introductory paragraph that describes the type of work that can be done at Brotheryn Studios. Feel free to elaborate and describe the services that the studio offers. There is a lot of cool things that go down at Brotehryn Studios and it would be very helpful to let people know about it. How's that sound?



Still one of my all time favorite projects.  I remember working alongside Fernando Apodaca, Morgan Alstot, and Bobby Watley in a small office space in Oxnard thanks to Nancy Huff who split her office in half to let me chase my dreams.  We scored two scenes including Kelly Slater's section down in San Diego with Chad Ferrin and 


Thicker Than Water

Chris Malloy and Jack Johnson brought to us one of the first Brotheryn Projects, Todd Hannigan worked with Fernando Apodaca to score two scenes from the film.  It stands the test of time as a film that helped define the direction of surfing for that era.



Big Easy Express

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