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Located in Ojai, California, Brotheryn Studios offers a world-class facility, quality outboard gear, a vast microphone collection and an experienced team to get the job done.

All tracking is easily fit into Brotheryn’s large live room (1138 sq feet), three large iso booths (178sq ft, 240 sq ft, 350 sq ft.), and large control room (700 sq feet), as well as two sound locks. 8 seperate headphone sends give the flexibility to make everyone happy during the tracking and overdub process. The layout adds line of sight to its list of already attractive features so you can connect while maintaining as much isolation as needed.

We offer a Grammy award winning sound design and custom music team.

Tracking, Mixing, Foley, ADR, Dialogue Editing, Back-Ground, SFX, as well as picture editing (premiere cc 2017).

The Team includes:

Composer / Todd Hannigan

Engineer / Jason Mariani

Producer / Composer / Jesse Siebenberg




Studio A

Recorders - Analog
Studer A827 (2”, 24 track)
Tascam 388 (1/4”, 8 track)


Pro-Tools HDX
2012 Mac Pro 12 core (2.66) 
Westmere with 32 gigs RAM
UAD2 pcie (One Quad, One Octo)
48 channels of I/O (32 channels HD I/O, 16 channels 96 I/O)
Apogee Big Ben word clock generator



Barefoot Sound Mini Main 12
Dynaudio BM5A (5, for surround)
Genelec 1092A Sub (For 5.1 or with ATC’s)

Dynamics/Harmonic Processors

BAE 10DC (2)
Spactra Sonics 610 Complimiter (2)
SSL G Series Compressor (2, one outboard and one in the AWS)
SSL Channel Dynamics Module (2, in the AWS)
Inward Connections The Brute II
Api 2500
Api 525
Daking FET III
Alan Smart C2
Empirical Labs Fatso Jr
Empirical Labs Distressor (3)
Empirical Labs DerrEsser
SPL Transient Designer 4 (2)
Retro Instruments Doublewide (2)
Retro Instruments 176 (2)
Retro Instruments Sta-Level
Q2 Compex F760X-RS
Q2 Compex F765 (2)
Little Labs VOG
Gates SA-39b (2)
Charter Oak SCL-1
Kush Audio Tweaker (2)
Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture
Dizengoff Audio D864 (2)
Universal Audio 1176 (2-vintage)
CBS Audimax 4440a (2)
Airfield Audio Liminator 2
Highland Dynamics BG2 (2)
Mercury Audio 66 (2)
BBE Sonic Maximizer 422a
dbx 160a (2)
dbx 120
Art Pro VLA
Summit Audio TLA-50
Behringer Composer
Behringer Tube Composer
Waldorf 2 Pole


SSL Channel E/G (24 in AWS)
Api 560 (6)
Kush Audio Electra (2)
Great River Harrison 32b
Chandler Audio Curve Bender
Pultec EQP-1A (2)
Orban 622b
Tascam 388 channel eq (8)

Mic Pre’s

SSL K series (24, in AWS)
Chandler Audio TG-2 500 (2)
Mercury Audio AM-16D (4)
Heritage Audio HA-73 Jr (2)
Golden Age Project 573 (2)
Undertone Audio MPDI-4 (4 channels)
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5024 (4 channels)
Daking Audio Mic-Pre IV (4) (16 channels)
Aurora Audio GTP-8 (8 channels)
Api 312 (10) (vintage)
BAE 312a with Avedis 1122 op amp (3)
Burl Audio B1D (6)
Cartec Pre-Q5 (2)
Black Box Analog Vacuum Tube Mic Pre
Dizengoff Audio D4 (2)
Demeter VTMP-2 (2 channels)
Urei 1108 (2 channels, Racked by Dan Alexander)
Tascam 388 (8 channels)

Outboard FX

EMT 140 (Stereo)
Sansui RA-500
Delta Lab Acousticomputer
Ensoniq DP/4
Eventide 2016
Kurzweil Mangker
Yamaha SPX-900
Fender Reverb Tank
Echoplex EP-1
Various Guitar Pedals

Studio B 

Pro-Tools HD Native
2012 Mac Pro 12 core (2.33) 
Westmere with 32 gigs RAM 
UAD2 pcie (One Quad, One Octo) 

Avid Omni
Euphonix MC Mix controller 


Barefoot Sound MM27 (gen 1) 

Mic Pre’s 

Daking Mic Pre One 
Daking Mic Pre 500 
Meris 440 
Chandler Germanium 
Burl B1D 
Langevin DVC (2 ch) 
SSL Alpha VHD (4 ch) 


Api 560 
Kush Audio Electra 
A-Designs EM-PEQ 

Dynamics/Harmonic Processors 

Inward Connections The Brute (2) 
Lindell 7X-500 
Rupert Neve Designs 542



Coles 4038 (2) 
Royer R121 (2) 
Beyerdynamic M160 (4) 
AEA R84 (2) 
AEA KU4 (2) 
AEA R44ce (2) 
RCA 77DX (2) 
Cascade X-15 (stereo, fixed blumlein) 


AKG D12e 
AKG D112 (3) 
AKG D120e (2) 
Audix D6 
Electro-Voice 644 
Electro-Voice 664 (2) 
Electro-Voice 676 (2) 
Sennheiser 421 (6) 
Sennheiser 441 
Sennheiser 609 
Silver Shure 55s 
Shure SM56 (Unidyne) 
Shure SM57 (7) 
Shure SM58 (2) 
Shure SM7b (2) 
Placid Audio Copperphone (2) 
Yamaha Subkick Condenser 
ADK Z-Mod 67 (2) (tube) 
ADK Z-Mod 251 (2) (tube) 
AKG 451 (2) 
AKG 452 EB (2) 
AKG 414 EB (2) 
AKG C12a (2) 
CAD E200 
Flea-12 (2) (tube) 
Flea Microphones Flea-47 (2) (tube) 
Flea Microphones Flea-49 Next (2) (tube)
Neumann U87 (vintage) 
Neumann U89 (vintage) 
Neumann FET 47 (vintage) 
Neumann KM 84 (2) 
Neumann KM-56 (2) 
Sennheiser MKH-416 (shotgun) 
Rode NTG2 (shotgun) 
Sanken CO-100K (2) 
Sanken COS-11D (Lav) (2) 
Shure Beta 87a 
Shure AXS 
Telefunken AR-70 (stereo) (tube) 
Telefunken ELA M 260 (2) (tube) 
Soundelux Elux 251 Wunder Audio CM67-S (2) (tube) Chameleon Labs TS1 mkII (2) (tube) 
Peluso P67 (tube) 
Peluso 22-251 (tube) 
Peluso CEMC-6 (2) 
Sony ECM-50 (Lav) 
Sony ECM-170 


Ampeg Reverberocket 2 
Ampeg B15 
Ampeg V4 
Carr Hammerhead 
Magnatone Custom 260 
Vox AC-30 
Fender Deluxe 
Fender Excelsior 
Hohner 1222 
Clarion Radio 
Swart Space Tone Tremolo 
Silvertone Twin Twelve 
1950’s modified Dictafone 
Gibson Les Paul Jr Leslie 147 


Radial Engineering J48 DI (2) 
Radial Engineering Pro-AV2 DI (stereo) 
Radial Engineering X-Amp reamp 
Radial Engineering X-Amp 500 reamp 
Radial Engineering EXTC (pedal level effects loop) (2) Radial Engineering SGI (2) 
Countryman Type 85 DI (3) 
Acme Audio Motown DI 
Groove Tubes The Brick (tube mic pre/DI) 
ADL 200 (stereo tube DI) 
A-Designs RED-DI (tube DI) 
Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter (6) 
Dynamount X1-R (2) 
Dynamount V1-R 
Little Labs IBP Junior 
Little Labs Redcloud (2) 
Little Labs STD (2) 
Taytrix Stack-It Gobo System 
Clearsonic Sorber gobos 


Hammond C3 with Leslie 147 
Kawai KG-6C (grand) 
Kawai BL-71 (upright) 
Wurlitzer Upright Piano (old, funky, honkytonk) 

**All pianos have Helpinstill Pickup Systems** 

Wurlitzer 206 (with tremolo mod) 
Jaymar toy piano 
Arp Quartet Dave Smith Instruments 
Prophet 6 Roland Boutique 
JP-08 Roland Boutique 
JU-06 Yamaha Reface CS 
Mellotron M4000D 
Arp Odyssey (reissue)




Directed by Chris Malloy

Score by Todd Hannigan, Fernando Apodaca, Morgan Alstot, Bobby Watley, Chad Ferrin, Chris McGrill


Thicker Than Water

Directed by Chris Malloy and Jack Johnson

One of the first Brotheryn Projects, Todd Hannigan worked with Fernando Apodaca to score two scenes from the film.  It stands the test of time as a film that helped define the direction of surfing for that era.



Big Easy Express

Our first Grammy win! Alongside company Farm League, Directed by Emmett Malloy and produced by Tim Lynch, Todd and Jason spent weeks mixing and adding elements to make the train ride fell and sound like the magical ride that is was with Mumford and Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  Jason Mariani mixed all the concert multitrack sessions and also made them sound amazing.



Please email with any questions you might have about working with Brotheryn Studios. We offer a wide range services from recording, composing and scoring music for Film, Music and Television. 


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